Spend Less On Energy

You can use solar power to reduce your monthly energy bill. Use your new found savings on other things that are important. Potentially receive a 30% tax credit. Beat energy inflation. Save money by going local rather than an outsourced, unknown marketing firm. Combat energy inflation while enjoying the benefits of sustainable living.

Personal Energy Security

Ensuring you don’t lose power to your air conditioner, your internet, or refrigerator and other important conveniences you simply can’t live without. Your own back up batteries or generators are the solution. You can insulate yourself from grid failures, natural disasters, and even cyber attacks.

We Build Solar Systems That Last

With your choice of tier-1 solar panels and inverters from Vegas Family Solar, LLC, combined with the best trained local labor force, ensures your solar system will look sleek, perform as expected, and last as intended. Mixed with the best warranties on your equipment and installation, insures a world class solar system.

Solar Tips in Under 2 Minutes

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24/7 Monitoring in Your Own Hands

With our dedicated app, your journey to renewable energy becomes even more empowering. By installing a solar system from us, you gain access to a powerful tool that allows you to track, measure, and monitor every aspect of your energy usage in real-time. From production to consumption and storage, our app puts you firmly in control, providing valuable insights and enabling informed decisions to maximize efficiency and savings.

Solar Made Simple

Explore our resources for clear answers to all your solar questions and discover expert insights and tips on renewable energy.

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